Vallee Visiting Professorships

The Vallee Visiting Professorship (VVP) program pairs outstanding scientists with premier biomedical research institutes worldwide in an informal arrangement that promotes intellectual exchanges and fosters new partnerships. The program was specifically designed to provide an intermediate alternative both to 6-month or year-long sabbaticals, which can be disruptive to the head of an active laboratory, and short visits to give a lecture, which on average do not leave enough time for thoughtful discussions. Month-long visits have proven to be a great success for planning research,

conducting experiments, and establishing meaningful relationships—all without significant disruption to family life or other professional commitments.

Many VVP visits have resulted in international and interdisciplinary collaborations, which have, in turn, generated new scientific research that likely would not have been undertaken without the Foundation’s sponsorship. Furthermore, the Vallee Visiting Professor program has established an enduring global network of scientific enterprises, which in turn creates a common ground for productive interactions among its members and with other individuals and organizations. To date the Vallee Visiting Professors represent eight countries spanning four continents.

There is no open call for applications; nominations for potential Vallee Visiting Professors are solicited by the Foundation Board each year in October. New appointments are announced in January, and newly appointed VVPs have up to two years in which to take up their visiting professorship.