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Bert Vallee felt strongly that if researchers enjoy themselves when they get together to talk about their work, the science itself will benefit. Following this credo, the Foundation periodically organizes symposia and meetings for VVPs, Vallee Scholars and others to interact in an interesting but informal environment, report on their scientific interests, and address current issues in biomedical science. Typically, Vallee Scholar Meetings are held every other year with Vallee Summer Symposia held in alternate years.  These meetings, often held in beautiful locations, have forged friendships and sparked many fascinating conversations and collaborations.

  • The interdisciplinary meeting will include presentations from Vallee Visiting Professors, Vallee Scholars, a guest scientist from our host country of Portugal and a poster session for approximately 10 trainees.
  • This year’s Vallee Scholars Meeting was held at the Newbury Boston on November 11-13, 2021.
  • The 2020 Vallee Summer Symposium due to be held in Cascais, Portugal between June 5 and 8 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Vallee Scholars Meeting and Centennial Celebrations
  • Imaging in Cell Biology and Neuroscience
  • In addition to a keynote lecture by Dr Stephen Elledge, seven Vallee Scholars spoke on June 23 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston to an audience made up of their Vallee Scholar colleagues as well as a handful of Vallee Visiting Professors and local scientists.
  • Major advances in biomedical research are being made in understanding disease mechanisms from the point of view of the genome, the metabolome and the proteome.
  • Rather than being devoted to a particular scientific theme, the 2009 meeting provided an opportunity for Vallee Visiting Professors to talk about their work both formally and informally:
  • The 2006 meeting was held at Endicott House in Dedham
  • The 2004 meeting, held in Boston, was devoted to two themes: “Molecular Pathology”
  • The May 1998 scientific symposium celebrated "Forty Years of Metallothionein."