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Dedham, MA
2009 Dedham, MA

Rather than being devoted to a particular scientific theme, the 2009 meeting provided an opportunity for Vallee Visiting Professors to talk about their work both formally and informally:

  • Dame Louise Johnson (University of Oxford)
  • Edmond C Fischer (University of Washington)
  • Sir Alan Fersht (University of Cambridge)
  • Jesper Z Haeggström (Karolinska Institutet),
  • Gerard Canters (Leiden University)
  • Stephen Bell (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Peter D Lax (New York University): The Legacy of Richard Courant


The Future for Young Scientists in Europe and USA

  • Henry Rosovsky (Harvard University)
  • Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker (European Research Council)
  • Gordon Hammes (Duke University Medical Center)
  • Gerard Canters (Leiden University)


Bringing Discoveries to Market

  • Gordon Hammes (Duke University Medical Center)
  • Earl Davie (University of Washington)
  • James Adelstein (Harvard Medical School)
  • Sheila Ohlund (Special Advisor to the Vallee Foundation)
  • John P Iwanicki (Banner & Witcoff Ltd)