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Cascais, Portugal
2022 Vallee Summer Symposium

We are looking forward to getting together in Cascais for an interdisciplinary symposium in June 2022.  The meeting will include presentations from Vallee Visiting Professors, Vallee Scholars, a guest scientist from our host country of Portugal and a poster session for approximately 10 trainees.  Arrival is planned for Friday, June 10, and departure on Monday, June 13.  Speakers include VVPs Bonnie Bassler, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Kay Davies, Susan Gottesman, David Holowka, Tyler Jacks, Martin Lohse, Gary Ruvkun, Gunnar von Heijne and Karen Vousden, as well as Vallee Scholars Tanmay Bharat and Darcie Moore.  Our local guest will be Maria Carmo-Fonseca from iMM Lisboa.