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Bozeman, MT
2007 Bozeman, MT

Bert and Kuggie Vallee loved Montana.  Both were keen horse riders and relished the outdoors.  The wide-open spaces surrounding the 320 Guest Ranch in Big Sky provided a breathtaking contrast to the normal laboratory-based work of the Vallee Visiting Professors.  Afternoons were devoted to two colloquia:

Science and Society

  • Peter Howley (Harvard Medical School): HPV and cervical cancer: preventive strategies and therapeutic opportunities
  • Wing-Ming Keung (Harvard Medical School) & Louis Lange (CV Therapeutics): Biochemistry, molecular pharmacology and the scourge of alcoholism


Metals in Plants and Animals

  • Douglas C Rees (California Institute of Technology): A structural basis for biological nitrogen fixation
  • Stephen G Bell (MIT) and Bert L Vallee (Harvard Medical School): Zinc, metallothionein and neurodegenerative diseases