Kuggie Vallee Distinguished Lecturers

Kuggie Vallee at Lesley College, 1983

In honor of the Foundation’s co-founder, Kuggie Vallee, and in order to inspire young women to continue a career in science, the Vallee Foundation has established a prestigious annual series of Kuggie Vallee Distinguished Lectures.  These Lectures are designed to highlight major successes made by women in the biomedical sciences and will be given at institutions around the world where Vallee Visiting Professors and Young Investigator Awardees are affiliated. The Kuggie Vallee Distinguished Lecturer will give a public lecture about her own science and, over a period of several days, will meet more informally or in workshops with other faculty at the host institute to talk about women in science and career building.

The Following Kuggie Vallee Distinguished Lectures have been given to date:

October 2016 - Harvard Medical School
     Bonnie Bassler, PhD, Squibb Professor of Molecular Biology, Princeton University: "Bacterial Quorum Sensing and its Control."  Read more

January 2018 - Princeton University
     Geraldine Seydoux, PhD, Huntington Sheldon Professor in Medical Discovery and Vice Dean for Basic Research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and HHMI Investigator: "Are RNA Granules Liquid Organelles?  Regulation of RNA Granule Assembly by Intrinsically-Disordered Proteins."  Read more


“One of the best ways of inspiring our young women to stay in science is to make them aware of the women who have succeeded before them, not only in times past but today.”  
—Suzanne Cory (VVP 2006; The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute) in her 2014 Boyer Lectures