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Xiaowei Zhuang

VVP Xiaowei Zhuang wins the 2022 Heinrich Wieland Prize

Xiaowei Zhuang, PhD, David B Arnold Jr Professor of Science at Harvard University, has won the 2022 Heinrich Wieland Prize for her seminal discoveries in cell and neurobiology using STORM and MERFISH, imaging technologies she invented.  “Her discoveries enable us to better understand how cells and organisms function in health and what goes wrong in disease,” says Christoph Boehringer, chairman of the executive committee of the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation. Read more...

The 100,000-euro prize is named after Nobel Laureate Heinrich Otto Wieland (1877–1957) and has been awarded annually since 1964. Since 2011, the prize has been endowed by the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation, an independent, nonprofit organization that is committed to the promotion of the medical, biological, chemical, and pharmaceutical sciences.