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Vallee Foundation Summer Symposium

The 2020 Vallee Summer Symposium will be held in Cascais, Portugal between June 5 and 8.The multidisciplinary meeting of the Vallee community will include presentations from Vallee Visiting Professors (VVPs), Vallee Scholars (VS), and a guest scientist from our host country.  We are outstanding speakers:

  • Bonnie Bassler (VVP), Princeton University
  • Emmanuelle Charpentier (VVP), Max Planck Institute of Infection Biology
  • Kay Davies (VVP), University of Oxford
  • Maria Carmo-Fonseca (Guest scientist from Portugal), iMM Lisboa
  • Susan Gottesman (VVP), National Cancer Institute, NIH
  • David Holowka (VVP), Cornell University
  • Tyler Jacks (VVP), MIT
  • Martin Jinek (VS), University of Zurich
  • Martin Lohse (VVP), Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine
  • Samantha Morris (VS), Washington University School of Medicine
  • Gary Ruvkun (VVP), Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Gunnar von Heijne (VVP), Stockholm University
  • Karen Vousden (VVP), Francis Crick Institute

This web site provides information about the program, venue and logistics for the symposium.  Speakers and Poster Presenters are listed in the tabs on the right. Check out the program, travel information and explore some of the suggestions for things to do in and around Cascais.


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