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Andela Saric

Anđela Šarić, PhD

Assistant Professor
Institute of Science and Technology, Austria
Vallee Scholar 2022

How do lifeless molecules create living organisms? How can such processes fail, resulting in diseases? At the intersection of molecular cell biology and soft matter physics, Anđela Šarić studies physical mechanisms behind self-organization of macromolecules in the living cell. She develops physical models, in a close collaboration with experimental colleagues, to explain the molecular steps involved in these complex phenomena. Currently, her lab is particularly focused on delineating physical mechanisms behind cell reshaping and cell division across evolution.

Anđela is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. She obtained a PhD in Chemical Physics from Columbia University in 2013, followed by an HFSP Postdoctoral Fellowship and Emmanuel College Research Fellowship at the University of Cambridge. She started her group at University College London in 2016, where is currently also an Honorary Member of the Department of Physics and Astronomy and Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology. She is an EMBO Young Investigator, and a recipient of the ERC Starting Grant and the Royal Society University Research Fellowship.

Šarić Lab