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Welcome to Vallee Voices: An oral history and timeline for the Vallee Foundation.

Bert and Kuggie Vallee had a vision for their eponymous foundation.  Lest we forget both the people and their vision as years go by, we have started an oral history and timeline project to build connections between past, present and future scientists.   Those who knew Bert and Kuggie best talk candidly about their friendships, their science, and their hopes for the foundation.  Click on individual interviews with Vallee Foundation board members, Vallee Visiting Professors or former students of Bert Vallee, or listen to compilations collected around particular themes, such as “Bert Vallee: His Vision” or “Bert Vallee as a Scientist.” 

Scroll down the page to the timeline to follow the road the Foundation has travelled.  Illustrated with hundreds of photographs, this is also a visual archive stretching back to Bert and Kuggie’s early careers and forward to the most recent events sponsored by the Vallee Foundation.  We hope this road will continue to be paved by brilliant men and women in the future. 

“Bert had a really rather grand vision of what science and scientists should be like…”  Click on the introductory, illustrated audio file at the top of Vallee Voices to hear more about Bert Vallee's very original thinking?  And do check back as more interviews will be added in the future.