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Dr Hao Wu

VVP Hao Wu among this year's Coley Awardees

Vallee Visiting Professor Hao Wu, PhD, (Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital) is one of four recipients of the 2023 William B Coley Award for Distingiushed Research in Basic and Tumor Immunology for their collective work on gasdermins.  Along with Judy Lieberman, MD, PhD, (Boston Children’s Hospital and HMS), Feng Shao, PhD, (National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing), and Vishva Dixit, MD, (Genentech), she was presented with the Award on September 27, 2022.  Gasdermins (GSDMs) are a family of proteins originally identified and named from their expression in the gastrointestinal tract and the skin.  Read more...