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Professor Dame Carol Robinson, president-elect of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Doctor Lee’s Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oxford, talks about her career path.

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Renowned molecular biologist Emmanuelle Charpentier (VVP 2016), Director of the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin, was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science, honoris causa (DSc) at the Wednesday afternoon session of Western’s 310th Convocation.

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Elaine Fuchs (VVP 2017) reveals that wounds or other harmful, inflammation-provoking experiences impart long-lasting memories to stem cells residing in the skin, teaching them to heal subsequent injuries faster.

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Karen Vousden (VVP 2016) has been elected to the Board of Bristol-Meyers Squibb.

Carla Shatz (VVP 2017), a Stanford neuroscientist goes where her curiosity leads.

Feng Zhang (VS ), award-winning biologist suggests Taiwan invest in basic research

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