2002 Annecy, France

Vallee Visiting Professors and members of Bert Vallee's lab met in Annecy in the spring of 2002 to report on their research:

  • Edmond H Fischer (University of Washington)
  • Earl Davie (University of Washington)
  • Allen Hill (University of Oxford)
  • Louise Johnson (University of Oxford)
  • Stephen Sligar (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Moshe Yaniv (Institut Pasteur)
  • Guo-Fu Hu (Harvard Medical School)
  • Wing-Ming Keung (Harvard Medical School)
  • Milan Visak (University of Zurich)
  • Wolfgang Maret (Harvard Medical School): Biological function of metalothianin
  • James Adelstein (Harvard Medical School): The development of CardioliteTM: a case study
  • Peter Howley (Harvard Medical School): Cervical cancer: an infectious disease – from molecular biology to public health
  • Cheng-Wen Wu (National Yang-Ming University): Genomic studies of female lung cancer in Taiwan and their clinical application
Annecy, France