1998, Boston

The May 1998 scientific symposium celebrated "Forty Years of Metallothionein."

  • S James Adelstein (Harvard Medical School): Welcome address
  • Edmond Fischer (University of Washington): Session Chair
  • Bert L Vallee (Harvard Medical School): History and Background
  • Gerhard Wagner (Harvard Medical School): Zinc in the Structure of Metallothionein and Other Proteins
  • Wolfgang Maret (Harvard Medical School): MT: The Zinc Linc
  • Earl Davie (University of Washington), Session Chair
  • Milan Vasak (University of Zurich): Neuronal Growth Inhibitory Factor (MT-#): Structural and Functional Studies
  • Albert Cotton (Texas A&M): An Inorganic Chemist Looks at MT
  • Allen Hill (University of Oxford): Proteins on Surfaces: A Moving Story
  • Lars Terenius(Karolinksa Institutet), Session Chair
  • Wing Ming Keung (Harvard Medical School): The Problem of Controlling Dipsomania
  • Guo-fu Hu (Harvard Medical School): HemoTitanic Strategies: How to Stop Blood Vessels
  • Kenneth H Falchuk (Brigham & Women’s Hospital): Zinc in Oogenesis and Embryogenesis
  • Jeremias Kägi (Harvard Medical School), Session Chair
  • Hans Jörnvall (Karolinksa Institutet): Protein Analysis, Evolution, and Perhaps Zinc
  • Davis S Auld (Harvard Medical School): Function Versatility of Zinc Binding Sites
  • Jesper Z Haeggström (Karolinska Institutet): LTA, Hydrolase, a Bifunctional Zinc Metalloenzyme
  • James R Riordan (Harvard Medical School): Summation
Meeting Theme: 
Forty Years of Metallothionein