2019 Boston


Vallee Scholars Meeting:

Every other year, the Vallee Scholars meet to present their science to each other.  This year the meeting will be held in Boston Massachusetts at the end of June.  Eight Vallee Scholars will be presenting their work in addition to Stephen Benkovic, a Vallee Visiting Professor, who will give the keynote lecture.  Download the full program here

  • Keynote: Stephen Benkovic (Penn State)
  • Danelle Devenport (Princeton University)
  • Viviana Gradinaru (California Institute of Technology)
  • Shalev Itzkovitz (Weizmann Institute)
  • Daniel Jarosz (Stanford University)
  • Thomas Kehl-Fie (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Christopher Mason (Weill-Cornell Medicine)
  • Samantha Morris (Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis)
  • Kirsty Spalding (Karolinska Institute)


Bert Vallee's Centennial Celebrations

In addition, 2019 coincides with what would have been Bert Vallee's 100th birthday.  We are thus holding a celebratory birthday dinner as well as a special half-day scientific session devoted to the science associated with his lab.   We are delighted that four of Bert’s previous associates will join us to present their research at the morning meeting.  Download the full program here

  • Michael Gottesman (National Cancer Institute) 
  • Wade Harper (Harvard Medical School) 
  • Wolfgang Maret (King’s College London) 
  • Barbara McNeil (Harvard Medical School)   





Boston, MA
Meeting Theme: 
Vallee Scholars Meeting and BLV Centennial